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Introduction to EDISC

  • Event date: 10-21-2021 at 9:00 am


One of the most-loved and most-masterful life coach and human behaviour experts, Joe Pane is the Coaches’ Coach and Senior Trainer at The Coaching Institute. Over the past 10 years, Joe has trained over 6,000 coaches globally. A model of excellence, dedication and passion, Joe is a Master Trainer in Extended DISC – an internationally accredited behavioural profiling tool. He is one of only 10 master trainers in Australia and degree-qualified in Psychology. Joe will be sharing with you powerful coaching tools, proven coaching models and the impact of coaching at this live training


  • Introduction to EDISC

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    These 5 core principles significantly impact our capacity to handle life’s challenges. Having an awareness of who you are, the stage of life you are at, having clarity of what matters most in your life, a healthy emotional vocab and clean perspective is what it means to be emotionally fit.


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