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The Benefits of Having a Coach

Often when we think of coaches, we think of them in the context of sports. Some of the most well-known

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What Coaching Style Are You?

Every coach has a coaching style and it’s important for the coach and the ‘coachee’ to understand the differences of

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How to Break Anxiety 101: The Essential Guide

Calming Your Anxiety with the Power of Smell! Smell has the power to catapault us into Fear or Calm Powerfully

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Increasing Brand Awareness as a Coach

It’s a challenge to expand your coaching business and provide your regular services to your clients at the same time.

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What Does a Business Coach Bring to the Table?

The 2010s seems to have been the renaissance of business coaching, an educational process that’s meant specifically to increase business

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How to Find Your Niche as a Coach

Becoming a successful coach is no easy feat. One could even say it’s a calling. You have to be devoted

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