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The V Coach Directory is your Village of experts, specialists and coaches. An inclusive platform simplifying the search for your next business coach, personal mentor, financial specialist, psychic guide, love expert and so much more. Review profiles at a glance with location, coach type, bios, and Yelp reviews.


Work with people from across the globe who care about your journey and want to help you take the right step towards living your best life!

What is a coach?

Coaching is a developmental method in which an industry expert provides training and/or guidance in order to help you achieve your personal or professional goals

How can a coach help?

Support is integral to growth, a coach can provide the foundation, scaffolding, expert insight and accountability to find your success and realise your vision

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The Coach Directory is not exclusive to life coaches. We provide access to a diverse global network of industry experts who are passionate about your individual journey

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About the V Community

Founded by Scarlett Vespa, the V Community was developed to help individuals connect, find inspiration and achieve their goals. With support networks ranging from The Village & Ageless blogs, Mrs V private coaching and the accessible monthly Success Membership.


The V Coach Directory was created from Scarlett’s commitment to connect people to the right experts in a variety of industries, to empower them to build their dream life!

“Everyone needs a coach! I know personally having that support and guidance is life-changing”.

Scarlett xo